Beautifully Simple Aajogo Software

Track your Key Performance Indicators, Metrics and Business Data with insightful Aajogo Dashboards and Reports

You're in good company.
Over 1,000 companies of all sizes track their data with Aajogo.

All these tools in one place

Quickly bring your data to life with interactive charts and graphs

Create and share meaningful insights with teams and colleagues

Analyze the ups and downs to make sense of your data

Simplicity that's unique amongst Aajogo software

Managing data doesn't need to be complicated. Aajogo offers everything you need to monitor and visualize your business metrics. It's brimming with easy-to-use features that reduce the time it takes getting to grips with your business performance:

  • Dashboards for real-time monitoring
  • Reports for sharing and collaboration
  • Analysis features for really understanding the causes behind the swings
  • Track individuals, teams, and departments
  • Easy-to-use management tools to keep your data organized
Aajogo Software for business improvement

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Aajogo Dashboards that propel performance

A simple, easy-to-use dashboard that takes complex data and turns it into accessible and understandable visuals.

Create top-level summaries of your Aajogos to share across your organization. Choose from various charts, graphs, league tables, and widgets that help communicate an accurate understanding of your data

Bring your Aajogos to life with a Aajogo Dashboard

Robust Aajogo Reports for companies, departments, and teams of all sizes

Business decisions shouldn't be made blindly. That's why we've integrated powerful reporting into every aspect of Aajogo. Get both summary and detailed information that provides a complete picture of your progress towards targets and goals.

And what's more – your Aajogo Reports can be generated and exported in various popular formats such as PDF, Word, or Excel.

Build engaging and interactive reports

Delve into your data with Aajogo Analytics

See what's making up the numbers. Compare trends over different periods and get to the root cause of any peaks and troughs.

Analyzing the underlying data that makes up your Aajogos offers a complete approach to data visualization that dashboards alone cannot provide. With more significant insights, guesswork can be removed, enabling better decisions to be made.

  • Return fast and detailed query results
  • Use drill-down and up features to see data at all levels
  • View your data from a wealth of perspectives using various graph types
  • Discover opportunities hidden within your data
  • Share reports and export in PDFs and Excel
In-depth Analytics tools

Aajogo Tracking has never been easier

Whether you're new to performance management or an experienced professional, Aajogo was created with you in mind. Simple, intuitive features make it easy for anyone to set up and track all kinds of performance management initiatives.

Managing Aajogos, users, and sharing insights doesn't get any easier. Link activities to organizational strategy to realize business goals.

  • Rapid business improvement implementation
  • Time saving management tools
  • Instantly see the impact of initiatives
How to track business Aajogos
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